Homework due Monday, Nov. 18 by 8 am.

Revise your paper

Make all revisions on a new copy of your Google Doc file; keep the original draft with your peer’s comments intact. Do not “resolve” any comments on your original draft.

Make multiple global changes to your paper that improve it’s meaning.


  • Improve your overview of Kahneman’s ideas.
  • Improve the connection between Kahneman’s concepts and your case study. Don’t just reference Kahneman’s ideas by name, use them to explain the multiple factors that led to the bad judgment you’re writing about. Look at Kahneman’s own connection between the ideas he advances and the stories he tells as an example.
  • Improve your quotations: Improve the entrances to quotations by improving the context given to lead readers into the quotation and the signal phrases (especially the signal verbs) that indicate that another writer is “speaking.” Improve the examples and explanations you use to frame the quotations.
  • Improve the part of the essay where you “pull back” from your case study to discuss some general principles on how to make fewer bad judgments and more good judgments.
  • Improve the parts of the essay where you “say why it matters”
  • Ensure that all quoted and paraphrased passages have an appropriate parenthetical citation.
  • Improve MLA manuscript formatting: check line spacing, name block, page numbers and Works Cited page.

Submit your paper by both sharing the new google doc version with me and posting it on your ePortfolio with the categories ENG 122 and Papers selected. Copy-and-paste your paper into the new post. Please do not post a link to your Google Doc, a pdf, or any other kind of file.

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